Top 10 Best Portable Generators- Portable, Standby Generators Reviews

From household to campsites to job-sites, the constant flow of power need to ensure productivity and efficiency. You might require outside power connection to a place that does not have electricity connection or there might be power crisis due to the natural disaster or connection problem. In any case of natural disaster or power crisis, generators are worthy as a life saver. When it comes to generators, the value gets multiply as the portable generators possible to remote places such as campsites and RV camping places. The portable features make carrying the quiet generator lot easier than you may think. Besides, such devices are predominantly comes with CARB compliant features so that you can run the best generator in most of the states of California. We processed various best portable generator  for your best choose.

All in all, portable generators have become immensely popular among customers because of its ease of usage. However, there are so many portable generators from different generators of various manufacturers. It’s very confusing to find the best deal among the lot of options. That’s why we have come up with a list of best Portable generator.  you can take your purchase decision as per your requirements and choice to the best generators available in the market .

Top 10 Best Portable Generator And Comparison Chart and guide- 2018

Generators Wattage Shipping Weight (lbs) Price Our Rating Our Review
portable generator

Champion 76533 

3,800 132.1 pounds Check the Current Price Now generator Read more
westinghouse wh7500e portable generator

Westinghouse WH7500E

 7500 211 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  generator Read more
WEN 56877 portable generator

WEN 56877

 9000 224 pounds Check the Current Price Now  portable generator reviews Read more
portable generator

DuroMax XP4400E

4400 116 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  generator Read more
DuroStar DS7000Q 5500 305 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  generator Read more
quietest portable generator

PowerPro 56101


39.25 pounds   Check the Current Price Now generator Read more
WEN 56180 Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800-Watt

1800 58 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  generator Read more
WEN 56352


103.3 pounds   Check the Current Price Now   portable generator reviews Read more
Gasoline Power


36.8 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  generator Read more
quietest portable generator WEN 56200i  1600 48 pounds   Check the Current Price Now  portable generator reviews Read more


Our Top 10 Best Portable Generator Reviews

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator Review

westinghouse wh7500e portable generatorPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.8

We are discussing Best portable Generator today and Westinghouse WH7500E generator is the first one in our list. This generator is a beast when it comes to delivering power without interruption. You will get 7500 watts of power continuously for your electric goods.

The power will surge up to 9000 watts when the generator is at its best. The generator comes with an hour-counting meter and shows you the hours it will run for. There is a funnel to pour the oil in. Westinghouse WH7500E starts off with one touch button. Equipped with 420CC engine, it comes with overhead design to conserve fuel.

The generator runs for 13 hours straight with 50% oil. With the 6.6-gallon fuel tank and twin cylinders, you can expect top-notch performance. Westinghouse has ensured safety with enclosed casing covering sensitive parts. The generator has circuit breakers (2 in number and 120v) in place for emergencies. Capable in functioning during rough weather it has 3 years of warranty.


  • The WH7500E features a 420cc motor that produces power with four strokes for every transformation. This motor uses four strokes to enhance effectiveness and its overhead design keeps the working parts of the motor underneath the cover. There is no way of somebody venturing into the motor and being jumped.
  • The full enclosure under the cover keeps the electrical connections and parts from being harmed during natural calamity. Even in case of heavy rain, the danger of rainwater damaging the engine is essentially nonexistent. Complete coverage for the motor makes it simple to deal with, and you may wipe off the cover effortlessly after a rain, storm or spill.
  • The generator accompanies four outlets that you may turn and four more outlets that don’t twist. You can connect anything to the generator at any time, and you may control an entire home utilizing only this generator alone. You can also keep your campground going during the night with this generator.


  • Fuel productiveWH7500E is a moderately small generator that gives a decent piece of power utilizing a little amount of fuel. Even if it’s possible to use extensively, the fuel utilization is moderately low, permitting the generator to keep running for quite a long while.
  • Quick Start – you can start the generator either with the electric starter or the manual starter handle. This implies there is no circumstance in which you can’t start the generator.
  • Quiet – this generator has a special Pulse-Flo suppressor that keeps the noise level least while utilizing the generator. Consider all the things, if you use the generator at home where you would prefer not to be exhausted by noisy sounds or run the generator at a campground. You would prefer not to annoy your neighbors or any individual who is enjoying the great outdoors close-by. The peaceful running of this generator makes it ideal for urban, rural and country settings.
  • Simple to set up and keep up – beginning with the WH7500E is straightforward with the starter unit that you get with the bundle. The starter unit accompanies the handles, oil and a pipe. You should keep the generator oiled appropriately, however you have all that you have to get the generator going right out of the crate.
  • Easy to use– The LCD show on the generator demonstrates to you to what extent it has been running. You can without much of a stretch conform the settings of the generator at any time. The controls on the generator are color-coded for simple use and you can show anybody on the site how to use this generator. The WH7500E is in reality exceptionally easy to operate, and it gives you more than adequate power to lighten up to your home and outdoor sites.


  • The WH7500E is a relatively easy product to operate but it doesn’t fit all RVs or little homes. You may find that the generator does not fit in your RV, and it may not give enough sufficient power to a bigger home.
  • The generator is made by using only steel, and it is somewhat overwhelming to pull. The wheels make pulling less demanding, however the unit is not sufficiently light for anybody to drag.


Westinghouse WH7500E Portable GeneratorThe Westinghouse WH7500E is an awesome generator for most applications, superbly fitted for a variety of purposes. Though there may be some huge houses and little RVs that won’t completely coordinate well with this generator, the generator will work fine in different types of settings.

The engine is sufficiently capable to give you what you need, and it utilizes very small measure of fuel when you run it. You may use the generator in any setting you like, without worrying about its maintenance and noise level. It delivers so little sound that neither you nor your neighbors will be disturbed by its sound. All in all – WH7500 is highly recommended for anybody searching for a consistent and reliable portable generator. You can find more generator reviews below .


Generac GP7500E Portable Generator Review

Generac GP17500E portable GeneratorPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.9

The second review in our list of Best Portable Generator, Generac GP7500E. It is comes with 420CC OHV Engine, which delivers you 7500 watts of power without interruption. It will give you 9800 watts of power at its best.

The generator is gas powered and has a 7.5-gallon oil tank. It will run for 12 hours straight with 50% oil. The generator has two 20 amps ports and one 30 Amp port for your house.

This generator easy to carry with folding handles, wheels in front. It doesn’t vibrate when turned. It needs to be charged with 12V output once a month. The Generator comes with 2-year warranty. However, there are tiny glitches. Generac’s GP7500E is louder than its contemporaries. It takes time to get into its stride with the pull mechanism. One can simply position it outside to avoid disturbing noise. 


  • An ergonomic fold-down locking handle to make transport and capacity simple
  • Secured, electrical switch shielded outlets give included assurance from nature and rough working conditions
  • Electric begin with backlash reinforcement, battery included
  • 420cc motor keeps running on gas
  • Hour meter to track maintenance intervals.
  • A 7.5 Gal. simple to peruse fuel gage gives toughness and broadened run times.
  • Four 120-Volt 5-20R outlets and one 120/240-Volt L14-30R turn lock outlet are electrical switch
  • Low-tone suppressor guarantees calm operation
  • Heavy duty never-level wheels for solid trans portability.


  • Generac’s OHV motor with sprinkle oil gives a long motor life.
  • Hour meter tracks support interims.
  • consolidated fuel gig gives toughness and expanded run times.
  • Low-oil level shutdown consequently shields motor from harm.
  • Secured outlets gives included assurance from nature and tough working conditions.
  • Solidified 1/4″ steel tube support for included solidness and quality.
  • Fold-down, locking handle for solid convenience and reduced storage.
  • Never-level wheels for dependable compactness Heavy duty.
  • Plug-in battery charger jack keeps battery charged and ready to go.
  • CSA Certified.


  • The battery for the electric start does not get charged by the motor but requires separate charging – This is not a major issue, but you should not disregard this point of interest if you need to utilize the electric start at all times.
  • Oil filling is not especially simple because of the particular area of the filling point – Still, this issue can be determined with the use of a more extended pipe which is flexible.


Regardless of having a few downsides, the Generac GP7500E 7,500 Watt 420cc OHV versatile gas fueled generator with electric start is a decent performer in general.

It powers large number of devices and works reliably. Which is additionally simple to use and to keep in good shape. It is unquestionably worth considering as it can make an awesome backup power source for the home.




Generac IX2000 portable Generator Review

Generac IX2000i Inverter Generator

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.0

Generac IX2000 is the Number 3 review in our list of Portable Generator that are the best in the market. The generator is high on power (2200 surge watts) and low in weight (weighs 40% less than its competition in the market).

It is quiet and is known for operating all sorts of electric appliances from PC to Fridge. The generator is enclosed as most of the generac products are.

You can charge it with 12V DC output when necessary. There is a “Low Fuel Shut Down” system to avoid causing accidents to your goods. It can run at 3.5 horsepower when at best. The generator’s oil needs to be changed in every 100 hours. Premium quality gasoline will keep the motor up and running. Generac IX2000 is portable and can function in extreme conditions (e.g: 36 degree Celsius).

Picking the right generator for your necessities will require a reasonable comprehension of the alternatives so that you can pick the best value for your cash. Going through Generac generator may uncover a great deal of data you can use. The Generac iX2000, for instance, has a considerable measure to offer in contrast with different generators. Though there have less expensive alternatives, this is a strong unit produced by one of the top names in the generator business.


  • Initially, it’s minimized and light – up to 40% lighter than a generator of similar watts. The Generac convenient generator outline also includes a handle that makes it simple to lift and move.
  • It’s also astoundingly quiet for a generator of its ability, which is certain to be valued. In case you’re utilizing it to control a TV or portable workstation – which it can nicely do – you’ll need to have the capacity to hear what you’re using. This “ultra calm” nature settles on it a decent decision for use amid occasions too.
  • FlexPower Operating Modes permit it to diminish noise and spare fuel while operating it. The high limit mode is useful for battery charging and usage requiring huge burdens, and eco mode is great if you need to ration fuel and your energy need isn’t especially sizeable.
  • The LED pointers permit brisk checking of framework status, while incorporated electronic circuit breakers go well beyond the standard generator’s offerings and protects against power loads. The included manual is also useful in giving you directions for following the usage, which supplements these markers well.
  • The Generac iX2000 is a particularly decent purchase for life on the road, as the use of inverter innovation makes its energy spotless and stable with incredibly minimized consonant mutilation (beneath 3% to be exact). This makes this Generac invertor generator a decent call for powering tablets, instruments, TVs and increasingly when outdoors or tailgating or on other long excursions. Other proprietor surveys have made it genuinely clear how well known this unit is for tailgaters.


  • Most objections about the Generac iX2000 appear to say the choke lever, which has a tendency to be one of the initial segments to break (sometimes even in transit). Keep an eye out and be watchful utilizing this part.
  • A few complains have specified unexpectedly noteworthy motor vibration, despite the fact that others take note that this aspect can be avoided with proper maintenance.
  • It’s not THE calmest available – some proprietor audits point to maybe a couple different models that exceed it.


The Generac iX2000 has a tendency to show up at a decent cost, and is typically some portion of some lightning deals that may get your attention. It’s a superior worth at a lower cost.

It’s surprisingly capable for its comparatively lighter-weight casing, and it’s great as a supplementary piece that can be tackled the street for outdoors outings and other such employments. The double FlexPower modes give you a touch of adaptability, as the name proposes, and the effectiveness is reasonable at the cost.


Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator Reviews

portable generator reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5

The number 4 review in our list of Portable Generator in the Market is Goal Zero Yeti with 2200 watts of peak power. The best thing about this generator is that it is an inverter generator and comes with plug and play feature.

This generator is portable and can be used to run PCs, Portable speakers and everything that supports a 12V output. Easily chargeable feature gives it the edge.

Goal Zero Yeti can be charged through solar panels, a 12V charging cable and through any USB device that draws power from an AC source. This generator works well with the low power consuming devices. You will do good to buy separate solar power attachments. It even powers up your fridge for 12 hours and even after extensive use, it runs well. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator stores up 50% charge to prolong the battery life. 


  • 50 Watt Hours – This is the measure of force that the Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator can give. This implies if the gadget is a 15-watt gadget, it can keep going for around 10 hours.
  • 12 Pounds – This is the way substantial this sunlight based generator is. When contrasted with different generators, this is clearly more lightweight.
  • AGM Batteries – This sun oriented generator really makes utilization of 12V fixed lead corrosive battery and this might be like the kind of batteries that you will find in your auto.
  • Helpful Pop Up Handle – This makes it less demanding to convey around starting with one place then onto the next particularly amid trips. Its shape is likewise simple to stack so you can put it over or under your different things.
  • Gas Free – No compelling reason to make utilization of gas with a specific end goal to control up this sun oriented generator that depends intensely on solar power.


  • Can be Charged 3-Ways – There are three courses by which you can charge this convenient force generator. Since it is a sun based generator, you can depend on the sun with the goal that it will be charged. Second, you may charge it through your common divider outlet. Finally, you can likewise charge it from your auto. These three ways will really bail you out.
  • Accompanies LED Lights – The LED lights will illuminate you if everything is going great. You will instantly know whether something isn’t right in the event that one of the LED lights turn red when they if all be green.
  • Moderate – When contrasted with different generators even generators made by the same organization, this is reasonable and can give the kind of administration that you may hope to get from a sun based generator.
  • Replaceable Battery – No compelling reason to stress over the way that the battery may vanish in the wake of being used a few times. The machine need not be changed as the battery is replaceable.
  • Charging is Similar to Wall Chargers – Unlike different generators that may charge slower than normal, this will resemble charging to a wall electrical plug.


  • Can Stop Working – It is a known deformity that the generator may all of a sudden quit working. Individuals are recommended to contact the client service with respect to Goal Zero instantly when this happens.
  • Does Not Work in All Devices – There might be a few devices that you might want to control with the use of this portable generator yet it can just take so much and it is just intended to control a limited measure of devices.
  • Bad Customer Service – The customer service of the organization is not in the same class as people would anticipate that it will be.


Overall, it is a supreme product and we are well recommend it. In case you can get trouble with Finding for the list of generator that you can use with the use of this solar generator, you can check out Ground Zero’s actual website for details.

This will help guide you about the products that you can use it with. This is one of the good portable solar generator great for use. It is very affordable and worth the amount of money that you will use to pay for it.


Yamaha EF2000IS Portable Generator Review

portable generator Price: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This is number 5 review in the list of Best Generator, Yamaha EF2000IS comes with 79cc engine and 1.1 gallons of fuel tank. The steady power it delivers is equivalent of 1600 watts. The portable Generator gives you 2000 watts of power when at peak.

You will get a 4-stroke engine with it. It utilizes pull technology which may seem a bit old. But it starts off with just one pull so it is convenient.

Yamaha EF 2000IS delivers 10.5 hours of power with 1.1 gallon fuel tank at 1/4th load capacity. This generator won’t run everything in house. But getting the high performance generator at $989 is a great deal. You just need a fuel stabilizer to clear the stagnant oil. Running the generator for 10 minutes per day will keep it in top shape for use. Be careful when removing the engine cover. 


  • The EF2000iS utilizes a 79 cc 4-stroke OHV motor that is of high caliber. It’s fitted with a cast iron cylinder as well, which upgrades its productivity and motor life, with better heat control system than other little inverter motors.
  • This inverter generator accompanies a little, 1.1gallon gas tank that takes normal unleaded.
  • A straightforward pull start system is utilized and it is well-known for its dependability. It generally starts at the first pull
  • (2) 5-20R outlets
  • 12v DC (charging) container
  • Another great feature of the EF2000iS and what separates it from the pack is its smaller size and light weight. This model is just 44 pounds when dry and involves a 2.2 cubic foot space (i.e., 19.3 in long, 11.0 in wide and 17.9 in high).
  • A standout feature is the EF2000iS’s magnificent maker’s warranty – a 3-year guarantee that applies to the whole generator and the warranty applies for defective parts as well.


  • Super quiet.
  • Extremely fuel efficient.
  • Unbelievable trustworthiness.
  • Lightweight and minimized to a great extent.
  • CARB-supported.
  • Great run-time.
  • Extraordinary mechanical facility.
  • Delivers “clean” power.


  • Costly!
  • Restricted power yield.


 If you require a generator that you can use for outside or other recreational uses and support two or three greater machines in times of emergency power requirement, the EF2000i is one of the best and most reliable inverter generators you can buy.


Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review

Champion Power Equipment 46539

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5

Champion Power equipment 46539 review  is our list  number of  6 it comes to delivering power  3500 watts of power continuously. It can rise up to 4000 watts when the generator is performing at its peak.

Now run the TV, Fridge, Lights and everything you can think of simultaneously. It can run for 12 straight hours with 50% load on it and with a full tank.

You can now monitor the volts, hours of running it, hertz all in one place with a display unit. The machine is heavy in weight. There is a warrantee period of 2 years but it is limited. You will get free technical support and the customer service of the manufacturers is top notch. The engine is top notch as well with 196cc capacity and 140 pounds of weight to boost. The frame is made of cast iron. 


  • The peat power yield is assessed at 4,000 Watts, while the steady and tried and true yield gets a rating of 3,500 Watts. The motor is a Champion 196cc OHV that is encased in a cast iron sleeve.
  • The measurements, length by width by tallness and in inches, are 29 by 21 by 21. The total weight is 140 pounds. This is exhaustive of the metal encompassing and two eight-inch wheels used to make the generator advantageous.
  • This generator is agreeable with EPA carburetor benchmarks and furthermore all natural rule that apply in the state of California.
  • The generator goes with a remote, start-up remote that works from a division of up to 80 feet. The remote continues running on a battery, which is consolidated.
  • There are three distinctive sorts of outlet on this generator: a 120-volt duplex outlet, a 120-volt turn lock, and a RV compartment.
  • The unit goes with over-burden assurance, a low-oil sensor, and an Intelli-gage gadget that gives you initially information on voltage, hertz, and working hours.
  • The gas tank holds 3.8 gallons and is fit for running for 12 hours at 50 percent load. This swings out to around 33% of a gallon of gas used each hour.


  • The ability to start up the engine from a separation using a remote is an essential accommodation. The sign for the remote need not be a straight line to work, and the remote’s battery is strong.
  • A move down arrangement for getting the engine going, as a pull-start lever, is a savvy development. If the electric start-up battery were to go dead, you could regardless utilize the machine.
  • There is no convincing motivation to unplug your apparatuses before re-starting the generator in light of a 20-second power delay. The power additionally expels a couple of minutes before the engine stops, which gives included security.
  • Although no portable generator should be worked in rain, the high water-resistance levels of the Champion 46539 will confront light fog proportionate to some other equivalent model accessible.
  • The noise level is as low as can be with a successful conservative generator. The engine runs smooth and quiet.
  • The CARB consistence is a standout among the most essential features of the generator. The features permits it to be worked over better places, including even “CARB-conscious California, with no threat of being fined by the EPA.


  • There is no 240-volt outlet, which may be an issue to a few customers
  • A huge investment is required for purchase, around $500. In spite of the fact that it is a splendid thing, the sticker cost can make a man discouraged.


Champion Power equipment

By and large, the Champion is “runner-up” toward the Westinghouse when every one of the components are considered. In any case, the Westinghouse is not CARB-steady while the Champion is. Similarly, when CARB-consistence transforms into a vital issue (especially for the inhabitants of California), the Champion is, fundamentally, the best portable generator accessible in the business sector.



Champion Power Equipment 46533 Generator Review

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This Generator is the same brand as the previous one. The difference is in weight. It weighs only 110 pounds or so. It comes at a modest price of $368. The generator has one outlet that gives 120 volts of power.

Champion Power Equipment 46533 comes with 196 cc engine. It is a CARB Complaint certified generator with 2 years of limited warranty. The port size of this generator is 5-20R. The generator also comes with a twist lock of L5-30R size. Frequent changing of oil can reduce the risks of the engine failing. Do change the oil every 100 hours and you will be just fine. It is very price efficient and you can run almost anything with it without worrying for a voltage drop at any point. It is Gas-powered and you can even run it with LP gas to boot. 


  • 3,500-Watt running force (4,000-Watt crest) gives dependable energy to run little apparatuses, power instruments and much more.
  • 4 Gal. fuel tank limit runs the generator for 12 hours at half load
  • Push-to-reset circuit breakers shield the generator and associated apparatuses from harm
  • 68 dB sound rating from 23 ft. guarantees low operational commotion for peace and calm
  • Voltmeter screens yield for your benefit
  • Programmed close off when oil levels are low to forestall motor harm
  • 1 in. Dia tubular steel outline for security and toughness
  • CARB agreeable
  • Wheel unit accessible independently
  • Same as 46515, our most well known model, yet meets California discharges measures
  • Incorporates oil pipe and spark plug socket.
  • SAE 10W-30 oil suggested (excluded).


  • Whenever apparatuses or instruments are connected to a generator, it will require more energy to surge the things. This generator supplies 4000 top watts. So, over-burdening won’t be an issue.
  • The champion Power Equipment 46533 contains an intense motor which produces 6.5 strength. The 196cc OHV motor will be exceptionally solid and offer ceaseless and continuous power for a long time.
  • Ordinarily, the bigger a generator’s fuel tank, the longer the power will toward the end in the middle of refills. Regardless of the little 4gallon fuel tank, this generator is to a great degree fuel effective and will last up to 12 hours at half load. This implies it will run a significant time on one tank.
  • This generator has a recoil start. This implies a man must force a cord so as to wrench up the motor. Despite the fact that numerous individuals dislike the way that a touch of physical movement is important to start operation, no different batteries are expected to control an electric start.
  • Nobody wants to purchase a generator that makes a considerable measure of noise. This unit contains a suppressor which makes operation calm. It produces 68 dB at 23 feet. This is as calm as most home vacuum cleaners.


  • This portable generator was received extremely well by the purchaser market. Not many individuals have anything negative to say in regards to this bit of hardware. One of only a handful couple of things which would improve the unit even more is the incorporation of the wheel pack as a standard element without having to buy it as a different add on.


Champion equipment 46539

In general, the Champion Equipment 46533 is an awesome purchase and a great portable decision for many homeowners. It accompanies a long running time and has a smaller size which implies it isn’t as substantial as greater units. Each generator is also backed up by a two-year warranty.


WEN 56352 Portable Generator Review

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This is positioned at number 8 review  in our list but it rivals even the top of the list generators. WEN 56352 portable generator is fit for all purposes that might come across. It runs on a 212cc 7HP OHV engine.

The generator gives you 3000 watts of continuous power and 4000 watts of peak power. With it, you will get 30 Amps Twist-lock receptacle for 240 volts/120 volts outlet, two outlets of 120 volts, three pong receptacles of 240 volts etc. Also utilizes the pulling mechanism and you will have to pull one or two times to get it running.

It has “Low Oil Automatic Shutdown”. And an inbuilt mobility kit included so that you can move the piece easily. It runs for 11 hours straight with half load and the fuel tank has 4-gallon capacity. There are two rubber mounts for the motor to keep it stable. we know you need a quality best portable generator. the WEN 56352 Generator is on the the best in the market so you can take a look about  more feature of this generator below. 


  • 3500 Watt Generator incorporates two 120V repositories (standard family 5-20R), one 120/240 V NEMA container (L14-30) and one 12V 100W 8.3A DC auto charger-style-connector.
  • The tough 212cc OHV motor produces 3500 surge watts and 3000 running watts, giving you the ability to run your lights, TV, fridge, sump pump, or different essentials effortlessly.
  • Simply add 4-gallon tank with gas and you’re ready to go for up to 11 hours at half load.
  • The WEN 3500 Watt Generator incorporates a flash arrestor; an important expansion for anybody needing to utilize their generator at a national park or forest.
  • The automated voltage controller makes clean energy to ensure your hardware.
  • Low-oil shutdown alongside over-burden security additionally protect the unit from harm while the wheel kit and dual handles expand trans portability. 


  • Wheel pack for a Medium weight at 104lbs (128lbs with gas) making it effectively mobile and possible to loaded with a few people doing the hard work.
  • Great economy on fuel usage checked by clients at around a 2 to 3 hours for every gallon at half load.
  • Simple pull start.
  • Up to 3000 watts of force can control most crisis needs and development setups.
  • Size makes it easily stored and transportable.
  • Voltage switch is decent as it is not regularly found on different generators.
  • Generally low noise.
  • Incredible valuing for this size generator.


  • A few occasions of component quality control on broken parts not identified with transportation. However, larger part of client administration experiences has been great.
  • For the 240V switch position, the two 1500 watt windings within arrangement meaning that you can just get 12.5 amps from any of the 120V attachments.
  • May need to add some string compound to deal with loose mounting bolts or wheel kits.
  • No grounding wire or pole
  • Oil fill is inadequately put. A flexible funnel needs to get to it effectively.


WEN 56352The WEN 3500 Watt Portable Generator is a top dealer and profoundly appraised by the clients. It gives 3000 watts of evaluated force and 3500 for beginning watts. It will power a decent number of apparatuses and power devices. The value proposition for this unit at the $300+ territory is remarkable. Try not to expect added features. This is a basic solution as an emergency generator.



DuroMax XP4400EH Electric Start Generator Review

portable generator

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.0

This one occupies the ninth position in our list of  Generator . It runs by 7 HP Engine. DuroMax XP4400EH has 3 pong receptacles of 120 volts, one outlet of 30Amps 120/240volts that is also a twist lock. below are details of the portable generator.

It will give you 3500 watts of stable power and 4400 watts of power when running on its peak. You can run it on either propane or Gasoline for maximum output. It comes with full control panel equipped with circuit breakers, fuel gauge, voltage meters etc. The generator is not for sale in California. You can get this generator at a low price of $499 only from Amazon. You can switch anytime from gasoline to propane. It is best to start it off with gasoline, run it for 10 minutes and switch it to propane which is below 40 degree Celsius in temperature. 


  • The Duromax XP4400EH versatile generator fit for running on propane and also gas. It has a 7 hp 208 cc air cooled motor which allows it to generate 3,500 watts of consistent power while having the capacity to surge up to 4,400 watts.
  • The general measurements of the Duromax XP4400EH portable generator are 23.8 x 18 x 20 inches (L x H x W ) and it weighs 132lbs.
  • The control panel on the XP4400EH is great and accompanies 2 120Volt 20 Amp 3-Prong Outlets and 1 120V/240V 30 Amp twist lock outlet ( NEMA L14-30 3 Pole 4 Wire ).
  • It rated to create around 69 dB, measured from 7 meters. This is generally comparable to general human discussion, which isn’t too loud.
  • The generator is confirm by a 30-day substitution warranty and the parts are assure by a full swap warranty for 1 year.


  • It continuously generates up to 3500 watts of power while having the capacity of producing 4,400 watts maximum.
  • Both propane and gasoline possible to use as fuel.
  • It includes electric start which makes the generator easy to use.
  • The heavy duty steel frame gives it robust structure.
  • It produces less than 69DB of sound which is quite less for a generator of this type. So, you can use it without annoying the neighboring people.
  • It shuts off automatically when the level is low.
  • This generator is named the hybrid elite with its capacity to run either on propane or on gas which gives you adaptability in operation. With it running on propane you will have loss of available power, yet a cleaner running unit. Having the double option permits you more fuel storage choices and ease of use as time goes on.
  • The generator can run up to 20 hours on one tank of propane and up to 8 hours on one tank of gasoline.
  • The idle control feature enables the Duromax XP4400EH  generator to run at a constant speed. So, it consumes less fuel and produces less noise.
  • The wheel kit and handles allow for easy portability. So, you can use it in multiple places according to your need.


  • It weighs 132 pounds which is quite heavy for its output size.
  • It can be quite difficult to fill the engine oil which is a common drawback of almost all the models.
  • The dual fuel factor, portability, CARB compliance and affordability make this generator a customer favorite. Overall, this is a great deal for you to have for the future. 


DuroMax XP10000E Generator Review

portable generator

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.6

As we are about to finish our list of Generator review, this is the last one on our list. DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator runs on 16HP Engine which has 4 cycles. It comes with an electric start.

The generator runs with gasoline. The optimum power it delivers is 8000 watts. The surge power it is capable of delivering is 10000 watts.

The engine shuts down when the fuel is low. DuroMax XP10000E Generator comes in Steel caging. There are as many as four motor mounts which are different from one another. You will have multiple outlets for your use and one DC outlet of 12V to charge the batteries as well. There is a 33Amp circuit breaker and a volt meter in place to monitor the generator smoothly. It has tires suitable for all types of terrain and a built in handle to make towing easy for you as well. 


  • The XP10000E can keep running for roughly 10 hours on full, 8.3-gallon tank of customary unleaded gas.
  • An electric start is conjoin and the 12V battery is expectant to operate it. Accordingly, you can luckily disregard hand-crank this little moster!
  • This generator accompanies a decent power board, including:
  • (2) 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong;
  • 120V, 30-amp turn lock;
  • 120/240V, 30-amp turn lock;
  • 120/240V, 50-amp heavy duty;
  • 12V, 10-amp utility
  • Notwithstanding its moderately calm operation for its size – it’s still a major generator, which measures 40 inches in length by 29 inches wide by 40 inches deep. Further, it’s quite heavy, 265 pounds to be precise. Fortunately, it accompanies a very solid wheel kit.
  • Includes one-year warranty.


  • Heaps of force.
  • Awesome value with respect to watts per dollar.
  • Runs generally very quietly.
  • Accompanies electric start.
  • Great run-time.
  • Great client service.


  • Oil fill is cumbersome and you’ll need to furnish your own particular pipe with a long spout.
  • The manual does not demonstrate the amount of oil you require, but rather for the most part it’s 1.1 quarts.
  • A portion of the bolts are lying in difficult to reach areas.
  • Broken parts and harm has been intimate in a few cases at delivery. One noted wrenches included were not the right size.
  • The negative battery terminal is hard to get to requiring the battery  unclasped expulsion of a side board, and to slide out the battery to get sufficient access.


xp 1000The DuroMax XP10000E is a great case of why you will require a conventional generator. This thing makes tremendous measures of force – enough to support an entire home for a great part of the time. it’s really quiet for something that can marshal 10,000 surge watts. It’s comes with an advantageous electric start. the generator has a decent 10-hour run time that gives you a ton of rest between tank refills and the most of the outlets you could ever need and it gives a massive amount of power for your dollar.



Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Generator

Now that we are complete doing the list of Best portable Generator. Let us focus on aspects which you should monitor before buying a generator for yourself. check out at our quiet portable generator .

Power Capacity and Your Need

Generators are available for multiple purposes and in multiple engines which deliver different ranges of power.

For example, if you need generator for your house, the specifications and the criteria of choice is different. If you need generator for small things in your house, then your choice can be different. These are the best generators for different uses. Determine your needs and go for a suitable one from the list of the portable generator.


Simply buying a high-performance generator is hardly enough. The generator must have sufficient safety mechanisms to keep you safe from any unwanted accidents. Make sure there have circuit-breakers, confined casings and stable base is present.

To prevent oil spills, low oil shutdown is an important feature to look for in your generator. Having a voltmeter also helps to keep track of the fuel vs volt output and determine the efficiency of your generator. Noiselessness is also an important feature which determines the quality of the generator.


The third thing you need to keep track off is the price. It always helps to have a generator within your budget. Generally, generators with higher specs come at higher prices. But there are exceptions where optimized generators are offered at a mid ranged or low price.

Take those chances. Frequently scout online marketplaces for opportunities and sales also optimizing the need for electricity helps cutting down the price and getting the perfect generator for your home or office.

The performance Ratio

Paying high price and needs optimization won’t help you if you don’t monitor the performance of the generator. Safety measures will be nothing if you can’t get enough mileage out of your generator. Monitor the fuel vs. constant power ratio of any generator before buying. Generators tend to wear down with time.

Be sure to check every little thing to get the best output. Buying from a reputed brand helps in this case. Also, buy firsthand generators at the best price. Opting for second-hand generators can be costly for your appliances and the money for you. Monitor the warranty period and the extent of the warranty before you make your move and buy a flashy best portable generator On the market.