Importance of an Acudor Access Panel for your Construction Project


Did you know that the idea of the access panel has been around for centuries but the only difference from the early versions of the access panels is that back them they often were made with twigs and cloth or some, depending on the decade merely used rocks as a makeshift wall.  Today though, panels come made in a variety of materials – from the versatile and cost-friendly plastic to the hard-core and strong steel and aluminum, these materials demonstrate the next-level versatility and functionality of an access panel. More importantly, having a panel that comes in an array of materials means that no matter the project – industrial, commercial or residential, there is a panel that will only enhance your end-state.
Acudor Access Panel

An evolution from security to functionality

The purpose of an access panel was originally to act as a means of security, now we see the access panel being so much more than just a security feature. They are used as a means of soundproofing a space, creating access to hard to reach areas, as well as preventing the spread of fire from high heat exposure spaces to other spaces in a building or room. The acudoraccess panel has evolved to become so much more than a mere security panel. Though the security panels today are more advance than before thanks to their added security latches and impenetrable steel – it is no wonder that contractors who have clients looking for security will always choose the top of the line access panels.

The access panel, thanks to its evolution through time in material and purpose, have made it so that contractors and designers no longer have to struggle to find alternatives to having a mere wall, door or window as a form of an access point. Not only are access panels allowing easy access they are allowing buildings to meet if not exceed building regulations. Concerned about the environment or looking to have a building labelled as a sustainable building – there are some panels that rated as environmentally friendly and sustainable only contributing to ones LEED status.

Taking safety and security to the next level

When you build a home or start a business the number one thing that any person always thinks about is safety and security. With the installation of an access panel there is an added level of security that can’t be found anywhere else but through an access panel. While it may be one thing to add latch to secure a door or panel, access panels designed specifically for security were built to be able to withstand the worst case scenarios possible. For example, security access panels have been installed in some of the highest of high security levels in prisons, businesses that hold secret documents will often have a security access panel as a means of adhering to building codes – a security panel is more than just an ordinary panel and when it comes to projects that require this level of security, there is truly only one option that will do the job.

Not only do panels provide another level f security and safety – they can enhance a space to becoming even safer. In industrial kitchens, a fire can break out in any minute through the vents and such, installing a panel or fire-rated wall within certain places in the kitchen can actually prevent the fire from spreading and causing more costly damages. Imagine if you needed a secured space that was also safe from any potential fires? You can find that perfect panel, from companies such as Acudor Access Panels who offer a wide range of panels as well as the ability to have them customized to meet you and your clients needs.

Invest without breaking the bank

There is often this misconception that access panels are expensive, especially when you add on the cost of professionally having them installed; however, with companies like Best Access Doors and Access Doors and Panels, you don’t have to worry about panels being overpriced or worst yet having to pick between quality and price. One doesn’t have to sacrifice price to get the perfect solution for their project.

Whether you are a contractor or client, have a big or small business, or working on a residential or commercial site, will be sure to find the perfect solution for your floor, ceiling and wall needs.

Importance of an Acudor Access Panel for your Construction Project
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