Champion 3500 Watt Generator Review

Nowadays there are many generator available in the market to satisfy your needs of alternative power source at the time of power outage. I am sure you must have heard the name of  Champion 46539 portable Generator. It is certified by CARB and is a mid-ranged generator. The machine ensures portability and power at once with 3500 watts of rated power and 4000 watts of surge electricity. The features have earned it “The Best Seller Tag” in Amazon for it’s range. In this Champion 3500 Watt Generator review we’ll be going over some of the catchy features this generator has.


Champion 3500 Watt Generator Review Features:

Champion 3500 Watt Generator Review

The Power Outlets and The Output

Champion 46539 Generator has a 4-Stroke OHV engine of 196CC. It is powered by gasoline. The generator supplies 3500 watts of steady power through it’s AC outlets. The surge power is 4000 watts. The engine has 3600 RPM count. You will have 120V of electricity supplied with 20 or 30 amps. The 240W supply of electricity is provided with 30 amps of plug. Can also get 3500 watts of power at once with 30Amps twist lock or with RV outlets. You will not have DC outlets of either 220V or 240V like Champion 4000 watt Generator.

Champion Generator Remote Start

Yes Champion 46539 portable Generator supports a remote start. To facilitate the remote start, the generator doesn’t supply any power to your appliances for 15 seconds or so. In that time, the engine gradually reaches full power. When you stop it with the remote, the power is immediately cut off and the engine takes 5 seconds to shut down completely. Users will do well to check on the battery every month since it charges itself when the generator is operating. It is quick to drain itself of power too.

The Fuel System and Noise Level

The Champion 46539 Generator comes with 3.8 gallon fuel tank. The tank uses unleaded gas to power itself. The generator can be used with 85-point Octane. The metric is lower than its competitors. To check on the fuel every now and then, there is a fuel gauge in place. This Champion generator is compliant with the national CARB certification standards. The generator can run close to 12 hours with 50% load.

When it comes to noise, this is not the ideal generator to have. From 23 feet away, the generator gives out 68 dBA of sound. But at close range, it should be 70 dBA or more. It is too loud to carry out general conversation normally.

Champion 3500 Watt Generator Review



  • A well balanced unit on price vs Power Comparison.
  • The unit is efficient when it comes to power and features an electric start
  • You will get a kit for maintenance, handle and vibration mounting
  • Easy-to-read control panel.
  • There are 8-inch wheels for better transportation.


  • The first issue is noise for me. I consider this unit a bit noisy than others.
  • The warranty is too specific. It should have covered more areas.
  • Refueling the generator can be bit of a burden.
  • It is heavier than other generators in the market.
  • There could have been more 240V ports.


Although there are few things that could have been improved, the many 46539 Champion  3500 Watt Generator review shows it gets the job done. Manufacturers like Champion Generators have tried to balance price with power and to some extent they succeeded. They even installed an altitude supporting device to provide power from high above the ground. All in all it is better than many generators out there and with proper care, it is an unit that will last long.