Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator Review

Are you searching for flexible generator? The Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator gives you adaptability to pick among gas and propane. With it’s 4,750 watts maximum power and 3,800 watts starting force, it can run your most vital apparatuses at home in times of emergency. The Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable generator gives you an inside and out understanding of this great generator from its key components, performance, advantages and disadvantages that may help you decide to pick your optimal generator.Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Generator Features


Fuel Flexibility

The Champion Power Equipment 76533 Generator will give you flexibility to move between Gas or Propane. This generator gives fuel selector switch to guarantee your safe use of either fuel you favor. Utilizing gas, you’ll get the full appraised 3,800 watts while utilizing propane you’ll get a bit lower at 3,420 watts constantly. In any case, Propane has the benefit of being accessible in any household as it is the principle source for cooking. You don’t have to surge or discover a fuel station to utilize the generator in light of the fact that the propane is promptly accessible. You can also stockpile as many LPG as you can for future utilization without spillage or remaining as contradict to gas. Besides, LPG is more secure to transport than gasoline.

Powerful Engine

The Champion 76533 Portable Generator is runs by 224cc Overhead Valve motor that conveys most extreme force of 4,750 watts. It is worked with cast iron sleeve for additional toughness and an air cool configuration for smooth operations. With this sort of force, it can power lights, sump pump, security framework and fridge to keep your several dollar worth of foods from spoiling.  The Champion 76533 Generator is also great for job site to complete your projects that can keep running up to three power instruments. For outside activities, for example, outdoors, you can run your cooker, coffee maker, lights and other outdoors necessities.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the best qualities of the generator is having magnificent fuel productivity. The generator is said to be fuel productive in the event that it keeps running for a more extended time frame with least fuel usage. Thankfully, the Champion Power Equipment 76533 is designed to meet the ideal fuel effectiveness.

Electric Start

The generator accompanies electric start to facilitate the starting process. A straightforward push of a switch will begin running the generator in a matter of moments. You don’t need to burn through cash to purchase the batteries since it is as of now embody into the bundle. However, if the battery runs out, you can simply utilize the customary simple recoil pull start.

Fuel Capacity and Run time
A single full tank of just 3.4 gallon of gas fuel can last over 8-hours of run time with 50-percent load limit. Utilizing a single 20-pound propane tank, you can keep the generator running up to 5.5-hours with 50-percent load. Obviously, a lower stack last more.

CARB and EPA Compliant

The Champion 76533 Portable Generator is a CARB consistent generator. It implies that it passes the strict Californian administrative board, which is protected to utilize and can be sold to every one of the 50-states of America. It’s possible to use in any National Park because of its EPA consistence since it doesn’t radiate destructive fumes and aggravating noise.


Though the generator weighs 119 pounds, you can take it anyplace you may need to. Because of its 8-inch wheel unit, you can without much of a stretch transport it anyplace that requires prompt power. You can move it all over the place even at unpleasant streets without stressing of punctured tire because of its never flat wheel. This makes it perfect for outdoors and RV lovers.

Safety Features

The generator conveys more security components to keep your apparatuses in good condition and the generator also. The Overload Protection circuit will bring about the generator to close down at whatever point an over-burden emerges. The Low Oil sensor shields the motor from overheating because of inadequate oil supply. It will naturally kill its operation when the oil almost becomes scarce. The Intelligence feature shows the real voltage yield, frequency and working hours of the generator.




  • Dual fuel feature.
  • CARB and EPA compliant.
  • Added safety measures to extend life of the generator.
  • Includes 2year warranty.
  • Provides maximum 8 hours of runtime at half load.
  • Intelligauge digital display and circuit breaker protection.
  • Electric start.
  • Fuel efficient.


  • Using Propane, you will get less wattage compared to gasoline.
  • The generator can feel a little heavy if you do not use the wheel kit.


Champion 76533 Portable GeneratorThe Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator is exceptionally reliable in any applications from home reinforcement, outdoors, RV camping, completing venture at job sites and much more. Its aggregate flexibility gives you a choice if the other fuel is not accessible. In terms of feature, it is comes with safety, convenience, fuel proficiency and portability. The value it offers is especially reasonable that massively adds to its quality.

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