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Durostar Generators

Durostar Generators Review

Mobile Generators or Portable Generators has always been an integral piece of equipment when one depends
solely on electrical power either for work or living on a daily basis. Be it for emergencies such as power outages in your own homes or taking long trips in an RV. Working in the middle of nowhere operating electrical tools and machinery, electricity supply is essential and cannot easily be replaced. This has given rise to brands such as the Durostar Generators. Tradesman on work sites are now having to rely on their cordless battery tools more and more. There are some jobs though that cannot be powered by battery so a mobile or portable generator is a must.

There must be dozens of things to be considered when using or purchasing one regardless of its intended purpose. One thing is certain, though. They do not come cheap and this is where the Durostar Generator comes in.

A Durostar Generator Overview

Let us first have a brief overview of an mobile generator’s concept. How exactly does it create the electricity you use for your mini-fridge, ice-maker and portable washing machine. When you’re camping up in the mountains all you have to do is hit the start switch and you have lighting and power!

As Albert Einstein says in this regard, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one from to another.” The laws of applied physics have allowed manufacturers to build generators that merely changes mechanical energy into electrical energy, hence producing electricity. Another simple example of this energy transformation would be mechanical energy into sound and heat energies when you move your hands together to clap.

With the help of a few copper wires as a conductor, magnets to create magnetic fields that allow push and pull motions and an engine with a fuel source, the generator is materialized.

The simple idea of a gas powered engine spinning a generator to produce electricity.

Generator Specifications to Consider

Depending on the region where you will be using these portable generators, there are a few factors that need to be considered.

Kerosene is a common petroleum product used for electric generators, although they may also run on gasoline,
diesel, propane, natural gas, bio-diesel, hydrogen or even water. The Durostar Generator only has gas-powered
liquid propane systems at the moment, making them very popular in countries such as Venezuela, Kuwait, the UAE, the United States and even Switzerland. These are countries where gasoline prices are the most affordable. The dual fuel units can keep your tools running on site at any day.

Durostar Generators offer units with output power ranging from 950 Watts up to a whopping 12,000 starting Watts. Output is something that needs to carefully gauged when using a portable generator. So you better be specific on what appliances you will be using it on and in what particular region. (E.g. The US uses 120 volt appliances while some countries use 220-240 volts) It is recommended to test your generator’s output before plugging it in for use.

So in theory, it would be safe to say that a generator with a 9,500 running wattage can power up a microwave
(1,000W); an electrical stove (2,000W); a small refrigerator (1,500W) and some lights in a small household,
with the exemption of central air-conditioning.

quietest portable generator

Portable Generator Run Time

Tank capacity and fuel consumption determines this. Your Durostar DS10000E with a tank capacity of 4 gallons
of gasoline, running at 50% maximum output can be used up to 10 hours. If you run your generator at high capacity powering a lot of appliances it will use more gasoline as it will be working harder. If its only running a light load and near idle the efficiency is a lot higher.

Generator Noise Is An Important Factor

Noise has also been observed to be a major feature that is looked into especially for people using generators for personal use. If you work from home, let’s say a generator running right outside your window to power your laptop might not be very helpful if it constantly sounds like a Boeing 767 flying right above your house, with about 140 decibels.

A normal conversation between two or three people would be around 60 dB. Therefore being aware of your
generators’ noise level would be beneficial to you if you were using one in a sensitive noise environment. A 1600 watt generator would rate around 50 dB to 55 dB and a 3500 W at a range of 60 dB to 75 dB. The Durostar DS4400, for example, produces a noise level as low as 69 dB, and bigger units come with a quiet muffler that reduces engine noise.

Portable Generator Reviews

Durostar Generators Weight and Size

Other features to consider when choosing the best mobile generator for you would be the size and weight, start type, product warranty and emission standard compliance.

Your Durostar Generators come with both an electric start and an EZ one-pull recoil cord to start it up in case your batteries are discharged. Offering a 3-Year Residential Limited Factory Warranty or a 1-Year Commercial Limited Factory Warranty along with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed, it is one of the most popular generator brands out in the market nowadays for this reason.

Assuredly compliant of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, you can never go wrong with Durostar.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Making sure your generators come with a warranty when you purchase them is like getting healthcare for an
individual. When you invest in something as important as a generator, it would be benefit you greatly to invest in its care, too.

Ensuring you position your portable generator in a protected or semi enclosed location is the first thing to  remember. Electricity and water DO NOT go together. Furthermore you can prevent inefficiency by using heavy
duty electrical cords instead of the flimsy ones. Cheap light duty cords increase the voltage lost and lowers the output reaching your appliances.

Gasoline Maintenance

A generator that cuts out or won’t keep running is a common problem. Leaving fuel in for long periods of time
without changing it out causes the carburetors to be clogged, so make it a point to either drain it properly or at least mix it with some fresh fuel. Your fuel caps have a small vent to prevent a vacuum or vapor lock that allows a small amount of air into the fuel which over time degrades the fuel.
Also make sure you power it up every three to six months to charge the battery for the electric starter.

The special low oil shut-off feature that Durostar Generators offer protects your unit from having the magnetic field sucked from the generator itself when your generator runs out of gas.

And last but not the least, know your generator. Read up on reviews and look up ratings. You want your generator to be reliable when you need it most.

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Durostar Generators

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