Energizer 500W DC Car Power Inverter Review

ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter

Energizer 500W DC Car Power Inverter is a portable 12v power inverter that will permit you to connect to any number of electronic gadgets and also charge tablets and telephones through USB ports.

It connects right to your car’s cigarette lighter so that you can use them while traveling down the road. Ideally, usage will be kept to travelers as distracted driving is hazardous!  ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter

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Energizer 500W DC Car Power Inverter Features


  • 500W consistent/1000W peak power
  • Ultra-silent (thermal fan)
  • 2 x standard North American AC outlets
  • 2 x USB charging ports 2.1A (shared)
  • Compatible for tablet charging from USB ports
  • Compatible for iPad charging from USB ports
  • this inverter has 2 pounds weight only .
  • Dimensions of the Inverter are 5.39 * 2.64 * 9.06 inches.



  • Intense and Durable
  • Charges all that you can bring in the car.
  • Best present for a soldier or during emergencies.
  • The device is durable and it has a low-battery shutoff feature.


  • It does not come with cables.
  • When connected to a car’s cigarette plug, it just supports one hundred watts of power since it works so inefficiently at reduced wattage.


ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter The Energizer 500 Watt Power Inverter gives you control on the go. You can use your AC devices with this inverter, which connects to your cigarette lighter or interfaces straightforwardly to a car battery to power portable workstations, mobile phone chargers, little electronic devices and what not Also, you can charge USB gadgets specifically from the USB charging port simultaneously. This 12-volt power inverter features 500W continuous power with a maximum power of 1,000 watts and incorporates a ultra-noiseless warm fan, two USB charging ports, two standard AC outlets, a cigarette lighter and battery cables.


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Portable Generator Reviews




Energizer 500W DC Car Power Inverter Review
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