Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator Review

Buying Generators can be tricky. Especially, if you have a construction site like me and require extensive power almost every day. There are low end generators which are quiet and with “Economy Modes” but they can’t take the load of anything bigger. For a construction site or an area needing extensive power, you will need a “Power Generator” like a Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator. This generator is available for home use and it has the commercial model also which is great for your job. This little review will tell you about the top features and the things you can do with the generator.

Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator

Portable Inverter Generators

Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator Features:

In this Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator review, it is very crucial to know the frequency. You can constantly get 17500 watts as the power from the start. It may spike a little upwards. The “Spike” capacity is 9800 Watts. The Fuel tank of this generator holds 7.5 gallons of fuel. With it, you can run your electric appliances for 12 hours. This is applicable when you have a 50% load. It starts off electrically, and the 12V port is at the bottom for portable charging. It has sturdy outer mounting frames made of steel.

The generator has a folding handle that makes it easy to move around. There is also a stand that works when you are trying to stabilize the generator. That way it doesn’t vibrate when you turn it on. The generator runs on a 420CC engine. On the front panel, there is a twist lock connector of 30Amps for home use and two 20Amps. There is a battery output which runs the electric starter. It needs to be charged once a month to keep the electric starter alive when you need it.

What Can You Run With It?

For one, it is an inverter generator. So, you can run your computer equipment’s like Laptop, internet router, phones, etc. Not only that, you can run a deep freezer too. I ran my regular refrigerator. Among my home appliances, there was a coffee maker too. When it comes to power, you can run your home with it. With half the load, you can run it for 12 hours straight. It shuts off automatically when the fuel is low to prevent damages. However, as most of generac generators, it is not free from disadvantages. Let us get into that in the next section. It has the warranty of 2 years on the parts. This generator can also run those home appliances too. So, that helps a great deal.

Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator


  • When it comes to negatives, the number one in my list is that Generac GP17500E portable Generator is louder comparing to its counterparts.
  • It requires some force to start it with the Pull mechanism. To neutralize the loudness try and build a hut with insulation outside your house for the generator like mine.
  • Be careful as there is no air filter and the air compressor tends to wear down after repeated use.


Generac 17500 Watt Portable GeneratorThis is the must have a generator when you consider the power. It can run everything that you connect to it. However, be careful with its 120Volt ports. You need to divide the load between the two ports to keep it steady. If you don’t, the engine will wear down soon. But it is cheaper than the generators out there plus, generac is one of the reputed brands in the market when it comes to generators. So, it is a definite go from me if you are looking for a powerful unit with lots of output.


Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator
Generac 17500 Watt Portable Generator