Generac Generator Gp2200i Inverter Model 7117 Review

Generac Generator Gp2200i

When people face power outages due to storms, cyclones or any man-made situations, it is easiest to turn to generators for power. There are “Inverter-Generators” these days which can be extra careful towards your computers and other stuff. When speaking of generators, “Generac Generator Gp2200i” is one of the best with great output for its size. Electricity has become a vital part of society that we all rely on and require 24 hours a day. We all own many machines, computers and electronic components that are hooked into the grid. In many occasions, we have to depend on an external source of power, which is uninterrupted. Generac GP2200i inverter Generator would tell you the pluses and minuses of this product. In this article, you will have a chance to read about my experience of using this inverter generator. Generac Generator Gp2200i

Generac Ix2000 Portable Generator

Generac Generator Gp2200i Inverter Review and Features

This is one of your special “Inverter-Generator” types. It supports your computers, laptops, TV and other electric appliances.You can even run refrigerators with it. When it comes to power output, Generac 7117 GP2200i  portable Generator will provide you 2200 watts of power from the start for operation without interruption.

When it comes to weighting, the generator is up to 40% light than others in the market. Don’t be misinformed, it still maintains the same level of efficiency as it’s competitors. If you read the Generac 7117 GP2200i Generator review, you’ll find that it is not as noisy as the other models in the market. This generator has two different modes you can operate with.

First, one is the normal mode, and second one is the “Economic Mode.” If you want to conserve the fuel and the energy of the generator, Economy Mode is the ideal one for you.It shuts itself down when the fuel goes down beyond a limit. There are circuit breakers to prevent the damage caused by overload of electricity. You can even charge it with 12V DC port.

My Experience Of Using The Generac Generator Gp2200i Portable Inverter

It has been almost 1 year since I started using Generac 7117 GP2200i. I had to get alternative means of power for a camping trip that was all un-powered sites. It ran the whole family and the RV during the mornings and evenings. Although we didnt need it we could have got a 3.5 peak horse power. The backup for standard electricity worked well. The exterior is also greatly made. So, even in harsh conditions, the generator maintains itself and made this vacation easy and comfortable. Also very easy to move around and pack away.

Some Useful tricks to maintain the performance of Generac 7117 GP2200i Generator

When you are using the Generac Generator Gp2200i Portable Inverter, you can add the Seafoam with the standard gas that goes with it. This way, it will give the generator longevity. Try to use premium quality gas for operating this generator. To avoid unwanted accidents, people will need to change the fuel of the generator.

It would do well if you change the oil after every 100 hours of use. However, if you use the generator regularly like me, you would do well to change it every seven days. For cleaning, it would be best if you use K&N Air filter oil, and the motor will provide you with better service.

Final Generac Inverter Thoughts

Generac Generator Gp2200iThe GP2200i 2200 is the perfect generator as the reviews would tell you. It has a range of safety mechanisms. The controls are easy to handle. The power output is one of the best. This supremely portable device is light in weight but heavy in power. This has an electric start along with the standard pull mechanism. It surely provides you with value for money, and it is available very cheaply too.


Generac Ix2000 Portable Generator
Generac Ix2000 Portable Generator



Generac Generator Gp2200i Inverter Model 7117 Review
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