Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews – Model 5939

There are multiple reasons for someone needing a portable generator. A simple power outage or RV camping trip means you may need portable instant power. We have put together Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews to combine the info you need to choose a generator for your situation. The need for mobile power is very crucial and uninterrupted power supply is necessary for our outdoor endeavors. The most convenient way to get instant power is a portable generators. If you have begun the search for a portable generator of your own, you can start by reading through Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews portable Model 5939 to see what this generator offers you.

Those who have used this unit will probably tell you about the unabated ability to deliver a substantial amount of power. Along with a great design, it has other perks worthy of mentioning.I have compiled a review of my own describing Generac 5939 GP5500 portable Generator. Feel free to read it below.Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews

Portable Generator Reviews

Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews & Features

This portable generator is loaded with power. It will consistently give you peak power of up to 6875 watts. For most of us, it is enough to light up our houses.The design is user-friendly. Among few eye-catching features, this generator has “Low Oil Shut-down” feature. There is a “Fuel Shut-off Valve” in place also. The frame is heavy. It has a folding handle to ensure you can take it anywhere. It is not CARB Registered. But the GP 5939 has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter of total 4 in number.These interrupters protect the generator in wet conditions.

The Performance This Generator Offers

To be straightforward, Generac 5939 generator is good for a home which is neither too big nor small. It powers up your small things like TV, Space Heater, Microwave Oven and more things and all at once. The generator is equipped with a pull-start mechanism. The generator should always start within a maximum of two pulls. It utilizes Automatic Voltage Regulation but the generator is reported negatively saying it falters to deliver steady voltage on some occasions. The generator offers you power for 12 straight hours. To maintain this power output you will however need to drain and replace the engine oil after every 96 hours of time.

The Comfort In Using This Generator

The Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews say that it is very easy to maintain. From my experience, I can tell you that the generator works perfectly.With sufficient safety mechanisms, the generator is right up there with the top generators in the market. But among some issues, there is a issue of durability. You will see many reviews stating that there are durability problems regarding this model. Specially, there have been issues with fuel leaking. Also, 85 decibels of sound which it produces while working, is a bit on the noisy side of things.

Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews



  • First of all, the design is very well crafted. It is user-friendly also.
  • Engine Starts off quickly than other generators with a Recoil Technology.
  • Powerful Generator, able to light up your entire house.
  • The maintenance is worry-free.


  • The customer care support lacks the urgency in emergency situations.
  • To be honest, it is a bit noisy for my liking with 85 decibels of sound.
  • I would have preferred an electric start in this generator.
  • People might face the problem regarding fuel leaking from the tank.

Final Thoughts

The great thing is the Generac 5939 GP5500 Generator can light up your medium house, and can run most of your appliances. It has a very good peak-power output.The steady power is 5000 watts. There is an oil dipstick into place. The generator itself is easy to use but not free from complaints. It has a consumer warranty of 2 years but if you consider commercial use, it has only a year of warranty to offer. It is a great generator for power outages and emergency power supply. Generac models offer you diversity and reliability in electric goods. We hope this Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews has helped you move towards a purchase of a good quality generator.

Portable Generator Reviews



Generac Gp5500 Generator Reviews – Model 5939
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