Generac 6719 IX2000 Generator Review

Uninterrupted power is necessary in today’s age when you are running computers and other electronic stuff. It will help you a lot when you conserve power. There will be a lot fewer power outrages and better management on your part. But when you need power for somewhere public for a function or you just need to extend the power for camping; you will need a suitable generator. To find the ideal one, you will have to scout through many in the market. I can refer you Generac 6719 inverter generator as the perfect generator for your cause. In this Generac IX2000 portable generator review article, let us go over few of the highlighting details about the product.Generac IX2000 portable generator

Generac IX2000 portable generator Feature

The Generac 6719 portable generator is both a generator and an inverter. This piece of furniture will give you the power when you need it. Besides, it will also make sure critical electric appliances like computers, and TVs are safe in case of a power disruption. The generator can provide you with 2200 watts of power from the beginning to keep the power continuous and stable. This Generator weighs 40% less than its competitors. But still generates the same amount of electricity.

The Generac IX2000 generator is enclosed for safe operation. For the same reason, it is much quieter than its competition. There are two modes of operations you get with the Generac product. First is suitable for heavy loads of electricity and the second is the eco mode people use to save energy and fuel. The machine shuts down when the fuel is low to avoid accidents caused by the electric malfunction. Even when there is an overload, the circuit breaks immediately to prevent any loss on your electric goods or the generator itself. It has a display that shows all the data needed to assess the situation. You will also have a DC port of 12V to charge the batteries.

What I have to Say About This?

I bought this Generac IX2000 product from a vendor 8 months ago for my job site. I needed uninterrupted power at a location, and as a backup for the pump that I used. The machine had great output for its size. Though purchased for a pump, I ran the grinder with it and occasionally, few lights. It ran on 3.5 peak horse power. The weather was a little over 36 degrees celsius, and the sturdy thing didn’t struggle to provide the power I needed.


Some Inside Tips for Using it Better

The one thing that will provide it the longevity is the Seafoam. Just add it with the gas and apply it as the fuel for the generac 6719 inverter generator. The gas should be premium quality as well. You will need to change the oil frequently to avoid any accidents. Some will advise you to change the oil after every 100 hours. But for me it is too long. If you are a regular user, you should change the oil every week. If you are worrying about cleaning the generator, I have a suggestion for that too. Just use K&N Airfilter Oil as the cleaner. The motor will stay new and working for longer.

Final Thoughts

Generac IX2000i Inverter GeneratorOut of the hundreds of new generators in the market, I trust the makers of Generac IX2000 generator. It gave me the ease of use. The generator has protection mechanism, performance optimization, and it gives you value for your money. It may be little, but it packs the punch when it comes to delivering the electricity. I’d recommend this product without any doubts to everyone who needs an alternative source of electricity.





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