Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator Review

Golden Zero Yeti 150 Generator

Solar Energy at its Best Looking for an alternative source of power? Are you a mobile person who needs electricity on the go? Then there is a perfect little generator for your purposes. While most generators require AC output for charge, our Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator is a solar powered one. Plus, you will have the conventional methods of charging as well. This is a review style article about Yeti 150 Solar-powered generator. which will tell you about the features, offer you the tips and inform you of any other details about the product before you actually decide to buy it.Golden Zero Yeti 150 Generator


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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator Feature 

This is the perfect generator for all your emergency situations. It is a plug and play type generator. You can have power at your disposal anywhere. Be it camping, traveling long distances or even outdoor picnics, this is the device you need to power your phone and other accessories.

You won’t need a gas-source to charge this thing yet you can charge it through three ways.

Firstly, it can be charged by attaching a solar panel with it. You just need to plug it in appropriate place. Second thing you can do is to plug it to a wall outlet.

It would also be easier to use the charging point of a car with 12V output to charge the generator.

The USB Devices, laptops and phones are best served with the device. In short, it powers up all your devices, which use 12V power output.

It acts as the inverter to back up your pc in times of power crises. The generator from Yeti has a handle that pops up. With it, you can carry the Yeti 150 anywhere you would like.


My Experience of Using Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable Generator

To be honest, I didn’t use a Solar-Powered  Generator before. But when I bought this generator, it wasn’t long before I got the hang of it.

It fit nicely into plans as I am running 750 watt hours with the generator. The solar panels are good when you are charging the Yeti while it is a sunny day.

You can increase the charging efficiency and decrease the time it takes by attaching another two solar panels with the existing ones. They are not included with the package.

There are power cables supplied with the package. These cables are good and are durable. The generator itself is a bit heavy for my liking.

But it makes up by giving you 1250 Watts of power for continuous use. It comes with a sturdy charge controller.

But do some research and my suggestion is, you can buy your own solar panel and charge controller. That will be cheaper option for you.

Even after 17 months the product is working great. But it needs to work on its compatibility issue. I think future upgrades will come with better connectivity in case of devices.

Final Thoughts

Golden Zero Yeti 150 GeneratorThe Generator works well for all your appliances. It can supply your fridge with 12 hours of power without interruption and only 50% charge would be drained. A lot of generator won’t tell you that the manufacturer, in fact, advises to keep 50% of the charge of the battery unused. It will prolong the battery life.

I could rise up to 360 watts of power using this generator, and the range is somewhat close. If you are looking for an alternative power source for your low-powered accessories, Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable Generator solar-powered  generator is the best one For you.


Portable Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews




Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator Review
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