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Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator Review

If you are searching for a portable generator for your recreational tours, Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator just might be the answer.The generator is almost half the price of a Honda or a Yamaha generator .However, it delivers the power necessary.

The generator is good for powering up all your smartphones, PCs and mobile devices.Among the Honeywell 2000 Watt generators, the HW2000i Generator is probably the best.You can find the features and high points of the generator in this article. So read on our review of this Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator. Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator

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Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator has a Great Engine

Honeywell comes with a great engine that gives you power continuously. It is equipped with a 125CC engine.

The HW2000i Generator from Honeywell is backed up by this engine to derive 2000 watts continuously.

A person can run the home security devices, refrigerators and pumps. The best thing is, this generator can simultaneously power up your devices without letting anyone down.

Honeywell HW2000i is an  inverter generator  . also so you can power up your PC and Smartphones using this device.

It is also supremely portable with the weight of 62 pounds. There is a portable handle which makes it easier to carry the generator.

An Easy Thing to Operate

HW2000i is the perfect machine for your safety instruments in your house. It is easy to operate and also has an instruction manual which tells you what to do when you are in a fix.

Don’t worry, you will be able to interpret it easily. The generator comes with LED lights which flash when you interact with them.

The control panel is easy to understand and interact. You will get Low Oil Shutdown feature which makes sure that whenever the oil is below a certain level, the generator turns itself off.

For overload protection, it has a circuit breaker option. Also it has an Economy Mode to help minimize oil consumption.

What I Ran with IT

I am a frequent camper. Honeywell 2000 Watts Generator makes something of a power source whenever I am away from home camping.

I also ran my try hauler with the generator. I was satisfied with the performance it pulled off. People can even run their RV with this small unit.

The Pros of the Generator

  • It is CARB Certified. You can own it in USA.
  • The Economy Mode Runs your appliances for 12 straight hours.
  • Less noisy. You cannot hear any noise from five feet away.
  • It comes with a Tool kit which will help you running the maintenance session with it.
  • The Honeywell HW2000i Generator comes with OHV engine with portability as a bonus.
  • Light weight generator.
  • A Bit Ahead of its competition with 2000 watts of power which is a lot for its size.


  • This generator is not free from Cons though. Let me go over them for you.
  • It is a bit large for being a portable generator.
  • You cannot run many electric devices with it.
  • The generator may also seem heavier for some being an inverter generator.
  • Not suitable for larger loads. If you load it with heavier electric things, it will quit.
  • Warrantee is a bit short for me I’d have liked another year.
Final Thoughts…
Generally people have a thing or two in mind when buying this sort of generators. So, if you have a particular set of tools you want to run, you can choose Honeywell 2000 Watts GeneratorBut when you are considering larger loads, it is best to opt out honestly.

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