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There are hundreds of portable generators on the market but not all are worth reviewing and talking about let alone relying on. Only a handful of portable generators would be of a high enough quality to power your family in a blackout or emergency.

Here are a few: Energizer, Powerpro, Durostar, Honda, Powerhorse, Honeywell

All Power America APG3012 Portable Generator Review

All Power America APG3012 portable Generator

The Highs and the Lows Getting continuous power for your home is somewhat difficult in this age with so many power outages.The generators often produce less than they claim. But not if you choose All Power America APG3012 portable Generator. The company supplies the best generators in America with top of the line products. The generator is budget efficient and gives you the power that you need. It is a portable generator and basically fit for any purpose you use it for. From TV to Microwave, it is good for every appliance you can think of. In this review, I’ll discuss the catchy …

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    Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review

    Honda EU2000i portable generator

    Honda EU2000i portable generator Revan In-depth Analysis, If you are searching for the perfect inverter generator, you will need to do some market research first. Among many other generators, you will find Honda EU2000i generator  for your needs. It has a compact size with great functional advantages. My Honda generator review would help you in getting acquainted with the features, the functional levels and the pros or cons of the product. Honda EU2000i has a suitable price and has spots that make it a top choice over other brands of the price range.   Honda EU2000i generator Feature   Specs  at a Glance …

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      Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator Review

      Golden Zero Yeti 150 Generator

      Solar Energy at its Best Looking for an alternative source of power? Are you a mobile person who needs electricity on the go? Then there is a perfect little generator for your purposes. While most generators require AC output for charge, our Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator is a solar powered one. Plus, you will have the conventional methods of charging as well. This is a review style article about Yeti 150 Solar-powered generator. which will tell you about the features, offer you the tips and inform you of any other details about the product before you actually decide to buy it.   Goal Zero Yeti …

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