All Power America APG3012 Portable Generator Review

All Power America APG3012 portable Generator

The Highs and the Lows Getting continuous power for your home is somewhat difficult in this age with so many power outages.The generators often produce less than they claim. But not if you choose All Power America APG3012 portable Generator. The company supplies the best generators in America with top of the line products. The generator is budget efficient and gives you the power that you need. It is a portable generator and basically fit for any purpose you use it for. From TV to Microwave, it is good for every appliance you can think of. In this review, I’ll discuss the catchy features of the generator along with best practices of operating it.All Power America APG3012 portable Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

All Power America APG3012 portable Generator Features


How to Set up the Generator

The generator is easy to setup. You can almost do everything by yourselves. Just be sure to read and follow the user manual letter by letter.

The fuel needs to be specifically measured before you turn on the generator. Engine oil needs to be filled in according to the instructions of the maker.

The generator needs to be tuned before starting. The All Power America APG3012 Generator requires you to switch on the fuel valve as well.

After doing that, just pull the recoil cord to start the engine with pull mechanism.

What Can You Run With It?

Operating the generator is really simple and you can run a lot of your home appliances with it.

If you have a power transfer switch in your house, plug the generator in the switch. You can run fan-powered fireplaces, TVs, Refrigerators, Home security devices and even microwave ovens.

But it will be wiser not to bet too much on this generator as customers have reported that it stops running some of the devices when it is overloaded. So, keep the ratio to 50-50 all the time just to stay safe.



Portable Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews



  • The Generator has 6.5 HP Engine with 4-stroke motor to give you steady power.
  • The power output is 3250 Watts which is a lot.
  • The steady power count shows that you can get 2500 watts of continuous power.
  • The fuel capacity for this APG generator is 4 gallons.
  • All Power America APG3012 Generator runs on unleaded gasoline.
  • This generator will give you 8 hours of continuous power at 50% load applied.
  • It has two 120V outlets and one single DC 12V outlet for charging the batteries.


  • This generator cannot take much of a load at once. You will experience some of your devices shutting down while running.
  • The policy of the generator states no Return Policy on gas related items. Peoples suggested to read the policies before they actually buy this stuff.
  • It utilizes pull mechanism to start itself. I am not too cool with a portable generator using this mechanism for starting itself.
  • The cord reportedly is not really strong and doesn’t hold out for long.
  • It is 92 lbs of weight. It is a little on the edge regarding the portability feature.

Final Thoughts

All Power America APG3012 portable GeneratorThe generator is designed for portability and is really quiet than its competitors out there. It produces just 65 decibels of noise.That is really quiet and is equivalent of normal conversation. It is really cheap costing . So, no one can beat the price that they are offering. All in all, it is a good deal to have from a top drawer Generator Manufacturer Company.



Portable Generator Reviews

All Power America APG3012 Portable Generator Review
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