Powerhouse PH3100Ri Portable Generator Review

Another Top of the Line Product Finding a quality generator these days can be tricky with so many available in the market. Whenever there is a power outage, it is best to revert to a renowned manufacturer company for a quality product. If you guys are searching for a device which can provide you clean power and can accompany you anywhere you go. The Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator and Powerhorse 750140 Generator can offer you portability as well as a lot of other  additional advantages. The greatest positive on this unit is the remote feature. The unit is also priced accordingly. This brief but concise generator review will hopefully give you more info about what features Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator holds for you.

Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

Review of Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator:

Convenient to Use

It is a convenient generator with a range of advantages. It possible to as an inverter as well as a full-fledged power-generator. The generator is able to provide you 3000 watts of steady power and 3100 watts of power surge when you need it.

The portable generator can be taken outside your home and into camping, picnic and your job sites as a backup of conventional power source. There are swivel wheels and a portable handle installed within the generator to make it easy to transport from one pace to another.

The Safety Issue

Safety is mighty important when you are handling electric devices especially a generator.

If you know nothing about circuit-breakers and wattage capacity, you will most likely run into trouble with the Powerhouse PH3100Ri Generator.

This generator has a switch that instantly reboots the generator itself if something goes wrong or if the machine faces an overload. There is also a circuit breaker to protect your appliances. Any safety concerns should also be addressed with your local powerhouse generator dealers or if you brought online the owners manual.

There is a fuel gauge which monitors how much battery life you have available for operation. The hour meter is also there which will tell you how much time it will work for.

The Powerhouse Technology Used

The Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It is supremely portable you can supply clean power from this generator. It can run almost anything from TV, Fridge, Microwave Oven or even a room-heater.

The makers have given you an opportunity to setup the engine in a way to conserve power. The manufacturers also devised a remote for the consumers to use with the generator for convenience. That small remote works from 75 feet away. So you can use it wireless as well as with fuel, especially if you were sitting in your RV needing to turn it off before bed time. You will notice that many more portable generators have a remote operation as a standard feature.

Powerhouse Ph3100ri Portable Inverter Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

Portable Generator Reviews


  • The Product gives you 3000 watts of steady power, 3100 watts of surge power.
  • Gives you opportunity of setting custom engine modes to conserve fuel depending upon the load.
  • The body is designed for safe operation.
  • The generator possible to started with a key, a remote from 75 feet away or through a recoil starter.
  • EPA, CARB and CSA tested and certified.
  • Able to operate the RV, AC and other equipment under 13500 BTU.
  • The noise level of the generator is low. It is great when you use it in your own compound.
  • Has duplex receptacle of 20 Amps and a Twist lock of 30Amps.


  • For some, changing the oil can be troublesome to be honest.
  • The wheels of the portable device are a bit small compared to its size.
  • Some people found the generator to be a bit heavy than its counterpart.

Portable Generator Reviews