Predator Portable Generator Review

Predator 2500 Watt Portable Generator

Generators are your alternative sources of power in case you need any. Generally, we need them when we are in a pinch at home or in need of some emergency power at our work space. For smaller equipment, a generator with lesser power output would be perfect. Harbor Freight Predator Portable Generator can help you in this regard. It is a quiet generator and powers the smaller equipment’s really well without much trouble. If you are looking to know more in depth about the features, pros and cons of the product, you have come to the right place.

Predator 2500 Watt Portable Generator     

Portable Generator Reviews

Predator Portable Generator Feature


The Predator Portable Generator runs through an engine of 13 HP. It is quite good in terms of power. You can get maximum of 8750 watts when running at maximum wattage and running watts is 7000. You can power your entire house using the generator. It is an OHV Motorcycle Engine and is fairly quiet. It is CARB compliant. So, you can use it in California as well. To keep the engine fresh for long, consider adding some engine oil along with your regular oil.

The Technical Side of the Predator Generator

Technically, the generator is sound from the outside and inside. On its outer body, there is a fuel drain or a choker. The fuel is perfectly sealed and you need to completely fill it to start the unit. The unit starts through recoil backup.There are duplex AC Output plugs of 120 Volts. There is also a DC output of 12V for charging batteries. The unit features an on-off switch. There is also a 30A twist lock outlet. All in all, the control panel of Predator 7000 Watt portable generator is very compact.

How it Functions?

The generator is a portable inverter type. That means it drives clean electricity to your home appliances. The PC, mobile charger, tool kits, welder and more things can be run with it without a hitch. The engine lowers the RPM when it sits idle. That means low consumption of oil.It has an economy mode to conserve the oil when needed. The generator has a “Low Oil Shutdown” feature. It indicates when the fuel is low. It also has an Overload indicator and a circuit breaker to help save your prized appliances whenever an overload occurs. To make the generator last long, be sure to add additives like engine oil and lubricants to get the small parts moving. You can also convert the engine to run through propane if you wish at any time. So, you will get the flexibility of using gas/oil.



Portable Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews



  • It supplies 7000 Running Watts, 8750 Maximum watts when it is at its peak.
  • Includes low oil shut down feature for safety purpose.
  • 10W30 Oil is ideal for the Generator.
  • The Generator is quiet. It produces only 60 dB of sound so you can enjoy a conversation normally.
  • The generator uses inverter technology to power up electric devices giving you clean electricity.
  • Convertible to propane at any time.
  • 420cc OHV gas engine
  • It has 12 hours run time with 50% load capacity.


  • Weighs 230 pounds which is quite heavy
  • Moving the generator without the wheel kit can get cumbersome.


Predator 2500 Watt Portable Generator

One must remember that this Harbor Freight Predator Generator is not for EVERY IMAGINABLE use. It indeed has its limitations. It will be good for emergency situations, job sites, campsites, recreations and household purpose.Based on the price of the generator, it should be a good purchase specially if you change the oil frequently and maintain it well.




Portable Generator Reviews

Predator Portable Generator Review
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