Wen 1800 Watt Generator – Model 56180 Review

In our daily life and routine, we often require a backup power supply in times of emergency at home, on the work site and then at outdoor recreation outings. Generators like a Wen 1800 Watt Generator are the primary choice for power solution. However, heavy generators are not ideal to use in different locations. To ensure power backup both at home and outside. The Wen 56180 Portable Generator can be the ideal choice. If you have been looking for a portable generator for emergency backup at home and for using at occasional campsites, then the Wen 1800 Watt Generator and Wen 56200i Generator could be a great option according to your budget and preferences. Today we are talking about wen 56180 so let’s see more details of it.

Wen 1800 Watt Generator

Wen 1800 Watt Generator

Wen 1800 Watt Generator Portable Review – Model Wen 56180 

Wen Generator Engine

The wen generator features a 4-stroke overhead valve engine (OHV) which ensures fuel-efficiency and consistency. The engine is also stronger than the non over head valve engines. This unit will produce 1800 surge watts and then constant power of 1500 watts. With this amount of constant power, it can run your sump pump, PC, cooker, microwave oven, HDTV, blender and refrigerator to keep all your expensive food and drinks from decaying if there were a power cut.

Fuel Efficiency

The Wen is extremely fuel-efficient. From this generator, you will get approximately 7 an a half hours of power on one and a half gallons. Furthermore it uses standard gasoline. The fuel efficiency will save you a lot of money on gas and oil.

CARB Compliant Feature

The EPAIII and CARB (Californian Air Regulatory Board) compliant engine provides 98cc power with built in air-cooling system to control temperature. The CARB feature will ensure that your family will be protected from harmful fumes produced by the generator. The EPAIII feature ensures less noise and smoke. So, you can use it in public places without distorting and polluting the environment of public places.

User Friendly Control Panel

The control panel of the generator is very simple. It includes big on/off power switch of red color, prong AC 120V 12.5A outlets, a cigarette lighter plug in and a circuit reset. It is very simple and user friendly. It additionally includes a 12v DC cigarette lighter type outlet plug to re-charge your handheld appliances and batteries.

The engine switch is clearly visible on the left side of the generator with a green power indicator LED on the upper right. Also the 120v AC outlet is located next to the two circuit reset. This is all designed to make switching on and off very easy. The spark arrest or feature will enable you to use this generator in outside recreation zones such as parks and forests.

Digital Alert Meter

The generator also incorporates digital alert meter that will give you signal when engine maintenance is required. This feature will be helpful especially when you are unsure about the servicing time.

The design of the WEN 56180 Portable Generator is extremely portable for its size. So, with two medium sized men you can carry it in almost all the places you would need. The units dimensions are only 20 wide x 15 deep x 16 inches high. It weighs just over 50 pounds and one strong person can carry it using the built in handle which is the actual outer frame. There is a genuine manufacturers warranty, user manual and installation manual for better understand this generator.

Wen 1800 Watt Generator


Wen 1800 Watt Generator


  • The Wen 56180 generator is great for camping. The OHV engine ensures lower exhaust emissions and the smoother valve gear gives a quieter operation which makes it well suited for a camping environment.
  •  It has a low oil level shutdown which enables the generator engine to automatically switch off whenever the measured oil level is low. Thus, the life span of the generator will increase.
  •  It is extremely lightweight compared to traditional heavy generators. It weighs 50lbs roughly. The lightweight feature gives it more flexibility and portability. So, you can use it in multiple locations based on your needs.


  • Suitable only for smaller power requirements.
  • Powering a fridge can be the heaviest job it can do.
  •  Compared to other bigger capacity generator, 1800 watt is quite low.
  • It is not the ideal generator if you need power for longer period of time.
Wen 1800 Watt Generator Conclusion

Wen 1800 Watt GeneratorThe WEN 56180 Portable Generator is a medium sized but efficient portable generator that is quite environmentally friendly. The generator is perfect to provide power to smaller devices such as refrigerators, phones, blenders etc. You will get energy for around 7 and a half hours on 1 and a half gallons of gas from the generator. So, you can use it in parks and forests for camping purpose. If you are looking for a generator with lightweight and portable features, then The Wen 1800 Watt Generator can be the ideal power unit at an affordable price.

WEN 56180 Portable Generator


Wen 1800 Watt Generator – Model 56180 Review

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