Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

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Are you searching for reliable, clean power without having to spend a lot of your cash? then, the Wen 56200i and Wen 56352 Portable Generator will suit your necessities but today we are talking about Wen 56200i. Having a reliable and true power should not be costly similar to others who bring great type for nothing.

The Wen 56200i Generator review can provide you with a top to bottom view regarding the generator’s key elements, Pros and cons so that you can take the purchase decision. After you are absolutely believing about the potential of the generator.

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Features

Reliable Power & Wen Engine

The Wen 56200i Portable Generator is made of 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV (overhead valve). That conveys a surge power 2,000 watts or 1,600 watts appraised power. This can control up your critical apparatuses at home during power crisis or bring it on your campground where you will need power.

The wen generator gives the reliable power source with its immaculate sine wave output with greatest 1.2-percent all out consonant distortion at full load. Why should this feature be important for you? It brings the most secure power for your fragile electronic types of gear, for example, PC, laptop, smartphones and tablets.

Calm Operation

An awfully noisy generator can hamper your camping environment and annoy the neighbors. The Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator makes your outdoor recreation pleasant with its calm and quiet operation.

The company guarantees a 51dB (decibel) evaluated noise level in this generator. Which is calmer than any window sort air conditioner. Therefore, you can converse with your companions. With normal voice while the Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator is running in full force.

Fuel Efficient

This generator is intended to spare you fuel. In case you are utilizing just 400 watts, the generator doesn’t have to keep running at full capacity. The Electronic Speed Control throttle feature boosts your fuel and extends the run time in the process.

It is also fuel efficient, A single full tank of just 1- gallon can most last for 4-hours of run time. As you lower the power consumption and empower the Esc Throttle, it will bring about longer run time.


In case you’re going to outdoors for a vacation. Then you would not like to carry a huge amount of weight with you. The Wen 56200i Generator is meant to total portability with the goal that you can take it anyplace where power is necessary.

It weighs just 48- pounds which is possible to carry by a single person. The handle on top of the generator also makes it very easy to carry.

Double Power

If you require greater amount of power from the generator, then you should know that it is fit to double its power. By including another Wen 56200i Generator using the cable link, you can have a sum of 4,000 watts of peak power.

Smart Control Panel Design

The Wen 56200i Generator features an exceptionally convenient design for basic operations. Starting with the On/Off/Choke rotational switch, trailed by LED pointer for Oil, Overload and Output voltage.

Underneath it is the ESC Throttle switch and the parallel operation outlet. It gives two standard 120v AC outlets for your customary home apparatuses. In addition, there is a DC voltage container that charges your batteries and USB port for your telephones and other electronic gadgets.



Portable Generator Reviews


Portable Generator Reviews



  • Clean Energy – Want to ensure that you will use a generator that won’t all of a sudden have spikes and drops with the sort of energy that it can give? This is what you will get from this generator.
  • Capacity to Maximize Fuel Economy – With the use of the Electronic Speed Control Throttle feature of this portable generator , it will have the capacity to consequently adjust its present fuel use.
  • Warranty – If something turns out badly when you are using this portable generator, you can have it returned or swapped for you by an efficient team of professionals who are ready to give you satisfying customer service.
  • Portable – This generator is very easy to bring when you are going outdoors or you know you will be out some place wherein there is a possibility that there will be no power. You can also use this at home though you may use it for a brief time frame.
  • Safe for Sensitive Products – You may have a few laptops and cell phones that would require pure and clean energy with a specific end goal to work and charge properly. The use of the energy from this item won’t be unsafe to your items by any means.
  • Reliable – Even if it is just anticipated that the generator would keep running for up to 4 hours on half load, it can last more and when you are not loading it on with items that much, it can keep going for up to 10 hours which makes it dependable particularly when you are encountering a power crisis at home.


  • Ineffectively Designed Oil Container – Pouring in oil can be somewhat of a battle particularly when you are not prescribed to tilt it so as to pour in the oil. You might have the capacity to ace the technique of pouring in oil after some time.
  • Not 2000w – Some have said that it should not be marked as 2000w since it won’t not have the capacity to control certain items that are more than 1200w.
  • Manual Problems – While a large portion of the items on the manual are on point, there might be some figures that are lacking in order to help people understand what should really be done with the 56200i Generator.


WEN 56200i Portable Inverter GeneratorA lot of things can be said in regards to portable generators yet The Wen 56200i  Generator specifically can be very easy to use. This is a portable generator that is highly prescribed to be utilized for different activities like outdoors and basic away trips.

It will keep your sensitive devices fueled accurately and in the meantime. You will also stay comfortable as you have enough power. This lightweight and Portable generator might be the best one for you. If you are looking for great value for the money you spend.

Portable Generator Reviews

Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

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