WEN 56352 Generator Review – 3500 Watt Portable Generator

Wen 56352 Generator Review

There are some excellent, value-driven traditional generators in the 3000 – 3300 running watt capacity which are quite sufficient to provide crisis power or offsite power for majority of the customers.  Among the most well-known of these is the WEN 56352 Generator Review and Wen 56877  Generator . However, you should be well aware of Wen 56352 features, specification, pros and cons to make judicious decisions before you make the final call. To help you out to know more about the WEN 56352 Portable Generator, we have come up with the review of this popular generator.

Wen 56352 Generator Review



Portable Generator Reviews

Features Of the WEN 56352 Generator Review


WEN Engine Wattage

For most family unit purposes, there are a lot of watts accessible with this model with its 3500 Surge Watts. And 3000 Running Watts for driving most devices independently. You can take this unit out to the work environment as a power source to control your individual devices. You may find that the available power is more helpful to running individual power instruments. As opposed to anticipating that it should control a few pieces amid a power blackout. For instance, running a typical refrigerator may take around 2000 watts to cover the surge necessity. This leaves scarcely 1000 watts to control a TV, and a few lights.

 WEN Control Panel

It has three AC electrical outlets: two 120V 20A 3-prong repositories for hardware/standard apparatuses and one 120/240V 30A turn lock outlet for bigger machines. Besides AC output, it can also deliver DC current for controlling little battery fueled devices or charging small hardware.There is no volt meter. On the control board, there is a power pointer light. When this light sparkles green, you realize that the motor has supplied the required mechanical energy for the generator to supply the appraised electrical energy. With no volt meter, you’ll need to assume that the volts being supplied is not fluctuating much from the mentioned 120V. If you need, you can also get yourself a reasonable wattage meter to make sure.  If you want to plug this generator to your home’s energy supply, ensure that you buy the proper power transfer switch and have it installed by a skilled electrician.

Noise Level

This gen-set is generally calm out of gear. The suppressor with flash arrester does its occupation of keeping the commotion level to a respectable 67 decibels out of gear pace. At full load the commotion level is 74 decibels which is on the louder side measured at 7 meters. This settles on it an OK decision for open air power device use, however perhaps excessive when you would prefer not to irritate fellow campers.


The included portability pack which will require assembly, makes moving the generator a breeze. The two flip up handles are decent compared to some portability units which just have one handle. The wheel pack and devices come included with this WEN 56352 Portable Generator, and the guidelines are completely represented and simple to take after. The weight, at a little more than 100 pounds without liquids, implies you may require help moving it to and from your truck bed. Dimensions (L x W x H) of the generator are 24.4 inches by 17.7 inches by 18.5 inches.

WEN 56352 Portable Generator Warranty

WEN 56352 Generator Review is justified (to the first buyer and not transferable) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a time of two (2) years from the date of unique purchase. Generators utilized for business or for rental have a warranty time of 90 days from date of purchase. Wen Power will repair or replace, at its responsibility, any part that is turned out to be imperfect in materials or workmanship under ordinary use during the two year warranty period. Warranty repairs or substitutions will be made without charge for parts or work. The warranty does not cover wear or support parts.


WEN 56352 Portable Generator

Wen 56352 Generator Review


  • Double Voltage Capability 120/240V.
  • Low Oil Shutdown.
  • Advanced Run Time Meter.
  • DC capacity – cigarette lighter sort.
  • Wheel Kit included.
  • Simple site new parts.
  • Fuel channel.
  • Oil change .
  • 2 Year Warranty .


  • Not CARB Compliant .
  • No Voltage Meter.
  • DC not for charging auto battery.
  • Higher Decibel rating.
  • Oil excluded.
WEN 56352 Generator Review Conclusion

Wen 56352 Generator Review

The performance of this fuel controlled generator is one of its most prevalent qualities. It has demonstrated itself as a solid portable power source. The configuration has additionally made a positive impression upon the customers. As indicated by them, it is very easy to store and simple to move around. They like the wheel unit that makes it truly convenient. In view of the utility and features of the WEN 56352 3500 Watt Portable Generator. You should consider investing into this generally quiet, well-developed item.


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WEN 56352 Generator Review – 3500 Watt Portable Generator

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