Wen 7000 Watt Generator Portable Model 56877 Review

Wen 7000 Watt Generator

The Wen 7000 Watt Generator Wen will be the best if you are searching for power with some exciting features. During a power interruption, the power is needed for maintaining household tools. For accessibility, this generator has all the power with an electric start. This WEN 56877 generator also makes a great work site additionally that has the capacity to power certain instruments and power materials smoothly.

Wen 7000 Watt Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

Wen 7000 Watt Generator Portable Model 56877 Review

The generator should be strong enough at the time of applying a portable generator to power the instruments perfectly. For maintaining the accuracy of the work site with comfort, Wen 56877 is absolutely strong. Easily you can power all the electrical instruments at the time of power interruption, i.e. TV, lights, small AC units, fridge etc. If power interruption continues for one or two weeks you can handle it with this generator easily. The Wen 7000 Watt Generator is EPA certified generator. Also, it fits the principles of the USDA forest service for U.S National Forests.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity AND Run Time

The Wen 7000 Watt Generator consumes unleaded gasoline and at 50% assigned work, it gives up to 9 hours of run time. The workload is inversely related to the run time and capacity of the gas tank is 6.5 gallons.

Wen 7000 Watt Generator

Oil Information

The capacity of the oil tank is 37 fluid ounces. For this generator, 10W-30 oil is enough but with temperature, the amount may change. You should switch to 5W-30 oil when the generator flows at 40 degrees or less and switch to SAE 30 when it flows at over 80 degrees. Some issue can’t occur due to the prevention provided by these viscosities. Maintenance of the generator is significant at sufficient intervals by changing the oil. You should change the oil at eight hours interval.

Noise Level

A lot of noise arise with portable generators that can’t be avoid with a generator of this size. With a rating of 82db, it is a louder generator. Barriers should be placed for maintaining the noises produced by this generator. Because of the noise level, it is not preferred for camping. But the noise can be protect with proper control.

Wattage (Continuous And Maximum)

Consumers come into possession continuous 7000W power with deluge wattage of 9000 watts. To prevent the 15 HP, 4 stroke engine from overheating, it also has air cooling system. More power helps you to maintain most of the home equipment i.e. lights, fridge, sump pump, TV, air conditioner units and some other devices.

Other WEN Generator Features

The Wen 56877 700 Watt may be called an emergency generator due to some of its features.

  • Low oil shut off.
  • Numerous receptacles.
  • Voltage indicator light.
  • Digital hour meter.
  • Electric push button start.
  • Spark arrestor.
  • DC outlet.
  • Wheel kit. [/su_list]


For the original buyer, the WEN generator has a two-year limited warranty. But, at the time of warranty period, if you sell the generator, it isn’t exchangeable to the new buyer. The warranty is 90 days if the unit is apply to economic goals. You should be assure about the registration of your portable generator and fill out the warranty card. The Wen customer service provides this warranty service. There is no charge for repairing the machinery and crafts.

Wen 7000 Watt Generator

Wen 7000 Watt Generator

What Are Customers Saying?

You will come to know more about the Wen 56877 generator from customer reviews who are using this. From the feedback’s of the customers, you can know about the enforcement of the generator that is not provided on the selling sites.

WEN 56877 Generator Review Conclusion

Wen 7000 Watt GeneratorDuring any emergency situation such as power interruption, the Wen 7000 Watt Generator is one of the best portable generators. When you have this generator for power backup, your foods will not be spurious and no need to worry about lights, TV or AC. Really, to get highest mental satisfaction and for your family’s well-being, Wen 56877 is the ultimate portable generator.



WEN 56877 generator

Wen 7000 Watt Generator Portable Model 56877 Review

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