WEN Generator Reviews

WEN Generator Reviews

WEN Generator Reviews

When it comes to powering your home, nothing beats the reliability and ease of use of WEN generator reviews. As one of the most trusted names in generators, the WEN range has been developed carefully over the past seven decades and the company has produced more portable generator options than any rivaling brand. With a strong focus on research and development and a keen passion for offering versatility with every unit they create, WEN have been powering families for generations.
Reviews of WEN generators are overwhelmingly positive, which is thanks to the clean, efficient design of each
generator they create. Using the latest in innovation and technology, WEN generators are built for the future. In
fact, the versatility of the WEN range of generators provides extra convenience in your life that you never even
knew you needed. Here, we take you through the features of the WEN line.

Duel Fuel Portable Generators

Your back up power generation during an emergency is a breeze with the WEN dual fuel generator range. Featuring
the ability to use both propane and gasoline, the WEN DF475T and DFT1100T portable generators provide you with
the convenience of using whatever fuel you have on hand. Each generator runs at both 120V and 240V, providing
seamless transfer of your power generation as needed. The electric start ensures reliable power at the push of a
button, and the detailed panel boasts a range of useful and convenient tools that allow you to power everything
in your home, including your television, refrigerator, sump pump and more.
These versatile generators offer your home the very best protection during a storm and provide the ultimate in
comfort for your family as you wait for the power to come back on. With a massive 11 hour run time, you will not
be left in the cold during a power outage any longer.

A Focus on Clean Energy

WEN are not only committed to providing a reliable way to use power when the lights are off, but deliver each of
their generators with the ability to create power in a clean and efficient way. WEN generators are both CARB
compliant and EPAIII certified, running with fewer emissions so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you
are not only powering your home, but doing your part for the environment as well.
California residents are required to buy CARB compliant generators, so the WEN range is the perfect choice for
those living in the sunshine state.
Not only do the WEN generators run more cleanly, but the generators feature an innovative eco-mode that changes
the power emission depending on how many things you have plugged in at any one time. This mode is seamlessly
switches as you plug and unplug devices, providing an easy way to control your usage with very little effort.

Wen Generator Quiet Operation

When you think of running a generator, you immediately think of the sound that it makes. While this may be
something you consider to be a necessary evil, the WEN range of generators is shifting that paradigm. The WEN
portable generator range is developed to run quietly, emitting 51 decibels at 25% capacity and 55 decibels at 75%
capacity. While the numbers may not mean much at first glance, when you consider that a typical conversation is
held at 60 decibels, you can understand exactly how quietly the WEN generators run.

WEN Generator Reviews

Reliability and Convenience When you Need it Most

WEN portable generators are built for ultimate convenience. With many models featuring a wheel and handle kit,
you can quickly and easily transport your generator to wherever you need it to be. With a total weight of less
than 50 lbs for many models, you have the flexibility of using your generator at home or taking it on the
road with minimal effort.
The WEN generator line also feature built in USB ports on some models which allow for quick and convenient power
generation for handheld devices, laptop computers and other devices, offering you the ability to continue working
during a power outage.

Choose WEN for your New Portable Generator

If you require power stability and reliability, nothing beats the WEN range of generators. With a variety of
features that ensure convenience for a range of usage requirements, these quiet, transportable units will open
your world up to brand new opportunities. We hope our WEN Generator Reviews can help you make an informed purchase of a mobile generator.

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